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Now that there are no Blacks in the race for the Presidency, there is little talk of the issues that matter to Black folks. This is despite the fact that it is well known that the Democrats have no chance of winning without a large Black turnout.

However, the strategy for the party seems to be to developed the Hispanic vote. That is the reason Tom Perez is the Democratic Chair. This is despite the fact that Blacks are far more involved in the Democratic party.

So this may be the last opportunity for reparations  for Foundational Blacks, those who are descended from the Africans who were brought here 400 years ago. They did a majority of the work in building this country. They made real the American dream that was meant only for property owning White men. To this day, people from all over the world enjoy what these African Americans had stolen from them or denied by the American government.

We must demand Reparations in the form of cash because that is what was stolen from us and given to the friends and families of mostly White people. Do not be fooled and accept nothing less. America has paid Reparation to many Groups. Even fake Indians. No people are more deserving of payment than African Americans. We have bailed out Europe, the auto industry and Wall Street.

The main issues for African Americans are 1) Reparations 2) The criminal justice system 3) Education.

So, to find out how the rhetoric of the candidates match their actions, click the link below. It has the most through evaluation of what they have actually done. Please share with other voters.